Bitch Queens: City of Class


If you are only into conventional & sentimental pop than these four guys from Switzerland are not for you.

Bitch Queens‘ outrageous punk/metal fusion is high energy, high camp, totally and wildly unconventional. A band that has to be seen live.

They are currently touring Europe and knocking em’ dead wherever they go with an on stage appearance that is somewhere between Nazi party members and Cabaret.

Non conformist tracks like Waste Me, So Fucking Boring, Anti Social and Kill Your Friends leave no gap for imagination .

The statement, “Punk is not dead” still clearly applies and then some.  This band have not only upped the ante, but  still keep within the protesting voice of punk, writing strong anti social lyrics which cleverly complement each track with fast aggressive punk/metal riffs .

The track Techno is Dead is a blast and hopefully Bitch Queens are correct and it is . There was never anything personal about techno and the components of guitar, bass, drums and vocal has long since been eradicated by commercial persuasion artificially inseminating rock.

43 years on and Punk is still alive in one form or another. That in itself says something. It has survived a multitude of genres and tags which have long since gone.

Punk has very much always been a living thing, where you can feel and breath it and become totally immersed almost to the point of being delightfully suffocated: almost like your first kiss. To reiterate, for us Bitch Queens are a band that works best at every level.

Hopefully if they get a gap they can tour down-under. We need the finger in the air to all those so called “rock stars” that have cute backsides and run around stage in their underpants while the corporate till keeps ringing.

Punk is not dead