Rigor Mortis, Bullshirt, I Hate People, The Darrans

Rigor Mortis

Opens thumping into the night of North Shore Punks invading The Hideaway Bar, Enmore. Saturday 15th June.

A ramped up cover of The Stooges “I wanna be your dog” set the mood of their brooding bassy street sound.  

Anyone not savvy with what the night had in store need look no further than lead vocal “Jacko’s” artistically inked body from neck to ankle, “Never mind The Bollocks” needled into his back,  his whole body a walking, living billboard of punk history . You could find more intimidating things in a kitty’s litter box, but this is punk, ..it’s not for pussies!


Two piece drums & guitar outfit from North keep the rhythm of the night up tempo. Female guitarist with blonde hair swinging looked comfortable playing original numbers with melody from this interesting duo,  impressing the audience with  fresh songs like “Wot cunt” infectious and toe tapping, this garage punk outfit kept everyone smiling and waiting for more.

I Hate People

Tight drumming, pounding confidence from a seasoned band that never put a wire or stick wrong, well and truly over midway of the night

The relentless wall of rock thickened as their set progressed: this is what we were all here for.

And  that  name?  Irresistible …  T-Shirts were popular.

The Darrans

Whoever  coined the term “Punk is dead’  needs to look no further than The Darrans. Full tilt buzz saw guitars played a break neck speed sent the moshpit into a frenzy, and a scooter was in there as well , just to keep it interesting…love it!

Hard Core Punk purity, absolute magic, irresistible, these guys were an arresting Tour De force of total punk mayhem.


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cheers to our reviewer at large James