Rekova drop new single “Monster”

Wollongong hardcore band Rekova have recently dropped a new single “Monster”.

Creeping in with a haunting melody, Monster deftly smacks you in the gob with undeniable raw hardcore; suffice to say these boys are well on their way to infect the minds and souls of the innocent.

This song is unpretentious (thank christ), emotive, has an addictive sound and is obviously well produced without any bullshit overlay of (what appears to be incredibly popular but insanely boring) reverb or feedback.

The frenetic guttural vocals are matched only by the aggressive lead guitar coupled with a drum rhythm all tying nicely with some pretty intense chord breaking riffs.

Putting it simply: Monster elicits an aural meltdown . It’s difficult not to be caught in this maelstrom of hardline precision. Rekova hits a intrinsic nerve be intentional or not (without you wanting to jump through a plate glass window) yet leaves you curiously sated with their breakneck delivery.

Once again a band from the steely city shows why there is an ever increasing underground scene to be reckoned with and to be honest we can’t wait to see these boys live.