Emu Vendetta release first EP



Emu Vendetta’s first EP is a big, bold sound with a subtle balance of punch and hook laden melodies and twinkles of psychedelia, Emu Vendetta take rock music in many forms, flip it over and drop it in a vat of acid. This EP is a beautifully diverse collection of stand out tracks.

The self-titled, four track EP (cheekily named after the Great Emu War of 1932 where the Emus of Western Australia trounce the Australian Army) opens with the dirgey, blues stomper ‘Just Because’ then moves to ‘No More Feelings’, a post punk blast fused with electronica overtones. This is quickly followed by the funk metal vibe of ‘Bananana’ which, in turn, leads to the closing track, an rather ornate paisley styled ‘First Thing in the Morning’.

You can hear elements of their influences, but it’s hard to pin just where the ideas germinate. This fleeting first collection of tracks run from psych folk celestial lullabies to the formidable crunch of late sixties heavy rock. The songs are short, sharp, and sweet as all good rock songs should be. This trio hold everything together, never really needing anybody else to cement what is clearly their own sound. The band take their influences and reach higher with them, formulating something very special, something very much their own.

Having already toured around New South Wales, as well as establishing themselves in Sydney, what these three musicians have managed to concoct, so early in their career, really makes you want to see what comes next. This is a band with a heavy, dirty soul.