Harry R. Brown

It’s not often you are contacted by an English Pop Punk artists living in France, so when it happens you are behooved to take a listen, explore and then dive head first into the world known as Harry R. Brown.


Admittedly this is not the usual type music we would normally gravitate to, but after having a listen to “This Means War” which for us is complex in nature yet accompanied by powerfully juxtaposed video, we felt this boy required deeper exploration.

Lyrics eloquently written with precision and a punch of reality. Composition exhibiting the lengths that this multi-talented musician/composer will go to capture the essence of light and dark. “This Means War” is (as Harry quite clearly states himself) “about the unavowed power struggles underlying our most intimate relationships” and is “inspired by how our fragile egos can undermine our search for true companionship”.

Not quite done, we then explored more of Harry’s work and stumbled upon “This World is Gonna Be the Death of Me”. This has a gutsy guttural raw sound that resonates deeply with literally nowhere to hide. Again this Brit boy gone Gallic has been able to capture the pure essence of his “concept” musically with a pared back video that screams “this is me, this is who I am. Watch! Listen!”.

Whilst many puritans might cry “what the fuck is Pop Punk”, there is a definite legitimacy in his work. The songwriting is of a level that many may take years to reach, the melancholic artistic struggle is counterbalanced with forceful vocals and composition: soft rubbish it is not and for that we applaud him.