Innercity Uprising: streaming live


If you are missing your punk fix then Innercity Uprising have answered your prayers. Not content to just sit back and wait, Jay and Kristy have taken the gauntlet and run with it. Rather than dicking around, best to use their words as only they can put it best.

“During this period we have also started to organise a number of mixed bill, live streamed shows. These will be audience free and in some cases illegal events but the show must go on. We plan to make these as entertaining as possible with an MC at each event and band interviews between sets. You’ll all be able to sit back in your lounge room, wearing no pants and watch your fave local punk/noise band live in the comfort of your own home..AMAZING!! We also encourage people to be creative during this time and send us clips of what your up to, send us your music/art/you dancing/ cooking tips/life hacks and we’ll put some on our page. During this time we want to make the page more interactive and fun. One thing we hope is that everyone remains safe and makes it through to the other side of whatever the fuck this is ….and people … remember we are all humans and we are all in this shit heap together. Share your resources, help each other, stay calm!! This shit has the tendency to bring out the worst in humans let’s not fall into that trap. Keep safe!!! from JAY and KRISTY”

Follow them on facebook, stay up on what is going down. Check out last week’s for a taste. We love these two and while totally missing our punk fix, couldn’t think of a better way to “safely” see some of the best shit on offer albeit digitally.

Love ya guts you guys