Franck Racket: Screaming Skulls


Franck Racket are a punk duo from Lille, France and this their debut album Screaming Skull is an uncompromising punk/noise punk dense sound representing the sound of industrial machinery layered over punk compositions. It very convincingly has a night shift of neoterics of futuristic music .

Not losing the punk base or structure, a cover of thick and chunky thrum of industrial noise is the icing on their sound and make it highly original.

With the opening track Lost and Found, so begins a defining beat over clusters of riffs producing a thick dense sound is dark and chunky. While metal riffs on Fight Back are heavy with bass thrum this may be slightly heavier, however it never bogs down into clichéd commercial heavy metal.

Fourth track Mass Extinction just may have a Lille cow recorded for the intro before grinding into exuberant clatter of industrial power punk.

Tracks Tuff Love and Self Slavery are conveyed by strong vocals and continue with the neo modern punk thrash, all the while giving a sound that somehow projects the listener to a futuristic place where robotics are controlled with little human presence.

Screaming Skull is an eerie piece yet this spooky sound somehow connects with your ears and is very listenable .

This entire album would bring a definitive ambience to one of those parties as all tracks are up tempo punk and thickened with a seductive dark spice, where once played said guests would be continually screaming the inevitable “where did you find this????” with such annoying regularity you succumb and share what was once a secret vice known as Franck Racket.

Outside the square sound this is a staggeringly intense debut album and should be an integral part from your turntable or sound system and one that you can probably only hear in underground venues and thank christ for that.