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I Hate People: spectacular name that sums up the nature of inner thoughts specially when social niceties dictate otherwise. Where did this name originate?

Why thank you we sort of got it from the Anti-Nowhere League’s song “I Hate People” as I’ve always been a big fan of them they were one of the 1st Punk bands I listened to as a young teenager & its always been one of my favourite sayings as the human race really is fucked up, so when we formed this new band we were all sitting around after practice and Josh asked what are we going to call this band? My instant response was I Hate People haha both Josh and Alex cracked up laughing said they loved it so we stuck with it, I think nearly everyone can relate to it as it always gets a great response when I tell people the name of our band & I think nearly everyone says they hate people, dogs are much better haha

Give us a bit of background on y’all

Well I hadn’t played the drums in in 15yrs when I moved back to Newcastle in 2015 after 10 yrs in Perth & I got the itch to play again bad so got myself another kit started practising & jamming with an ex mate. We needed a bass player so I met Josh through a mutual friend who told me Josh was looking for a band to play with so we formed a band (who I won’t mention as it ended badly) & played a few gigs till it all turned to shit. Then when that band disintegrated Josh and I were keen to keep playing so we got Alex in on Guitar who is one of Josh’s best friends since primary school so he was a natural selection + he absolutely shreds on guitar so we started practising & writing new songs, we played our 1st gig together on Christmas eve 2018 at The Hamo here in Newy, put out a demo EP early last year and here we are 2yrs after we formed with over 60 gigs under our belt playing with some of Australia’s best Punk & Metal bands, we’ve just signed a new Licensing contract with Riot Records & we’ve got our 1st full album coming out on October 23rd so it’s been a fucking great ride, we definitely have a shitload of fun together playing live, recording & making videos we all get along very well and we’ve all become great mates it’s the best band I’ve ever been in without a doubt.

This whole social distancing stuff has hit the music industry pretty hard. Through the madness you guys always remain upbeat and forever productive. What has been the most frustrating part of it all for the band 

Ah yeah it sure has, it’s been a very tough year for everyone involved in the entertainment industry & like everyone else we have been badly affected, we’re lucky we all still have our day jobs but I think we had 30 odd gigs & also a tour to Qld & Victoria for the album release cancelled so that hit us pretty hard & has frustrated us big time as we absolutely love playing live, but we’ve been keeping ourselves pretty busy making videos for the single releases off the album that’s been so much fun we’re definitely going to be doing more videos & we still practice together every week and we’ve been writing some new songs as well for the next album, we’ve done a couple of live stream shows which were fun but very different to playing to a crowd in front of you, we thrive off the live audience and that’s really where it’s at for us playing in front of a packed house going nuts is the best feeling nothing beats it & we fucking miss it so much, I know we can play a sit down caberat show but that’s not really our thing, if we have to do a sit down show then it’s got to be something a little different & special so I’m actually looking into something special for our Album launch here in Newcastle hopefully I can make it happen.

You’re a Fucking Shit Cunt: precise and brutally honest. What inspires, what disappoints and what inspires you guys to not just write, but record and perform

Haha that’s one way to put it lol We all write lyrics for the songs in this band and I think we all pretty much write about experiences in our lives, people who piss us off & the things that piss us off I don’t think you will ever hear a love song from I Hate People its just not possible haha As I said before we absolutely love playing live & the inspiration to keep wanting to play live is definitely hanging out with great people, going to new places & towns & meeting new people & bands that end up becoming great friends & the crowd’s reactions in front of you, its an awesome feeling seeing a room of sweaty people going nuts & even better seeing a bunch of metalheads and punks dancing to Gay Bar that will never get old lol but we also love getting into the recording studio with Geoff Mullard here at Rtn Studios in Newy, it’s always fun & stress free recording with Geoff, he let’s us do whatever the fuck we want & has some absolutely amazing equipment that he let’s us use to record + he knows us, knows our sound and knows what we want our record to sound like, the man is a bit of a genius behind the mixing desk but he won’t admit it & he’s also a hoarder haha as for disappointments there are none in this band well only the fact that we haven’t played a real gig since March, but that’s not our doing hopefully this corona shit will end soon so we can all get back to some sort of normality & get together again for gigs really can’t wait for that day.

Sum up 2020 in 5 words

Absolute cunt of a year

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