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Adelaide’s She’s the Band sadly lost one of their own this week:  drummer extraordinaire Amy. This all girl punk group have been a force to reckon with with their hard core feminist punk, making zero apologies for who they are or what they stand for: a refreshing change in a world that has become so overly politically correct it’s almost illegal to smile  without permission.

The band posted the following via their Facebook page:

“Amy was an absolute powerhouse and a pillar of Adelaide’s music scene, and STB would never have existed or thrived without her. There really are no words to describe how we are feeling right now. Shocked and heartbroken don’t come close.

If there’s any comfort to be found, it’s that Amy is leaving behind a hell of a legacy and we are beyond grateful for the many years of friendship, music, creativity, chaos and pure hilarity that we got to share together in our crazy little band family. We had countless milestones, memories and inside jokes, and her dedication, passion and sense of humour is what made STB what it was.

Once covid restrictions are lifted we’ll be sure to organise an event where we can all raise a glass to Amy and pay our respects to the contributions she made. Until then, rest in power our dear friend, and we are sending all our love and support to those affected by this tragic loss.

♥️ Elsha, Nina and Hank”




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