Welsh noise rock band This is Wreckage have released a breath-taking album in I don’t live, I exist on Forbidden Place Records. This LP is a colossal racket from a three piece. Pling’s drums both swing and pound. Rugz’ bass has a rage tone and sounds like the strings are just a little loose to add to the chaos. Grave’s guitar is an oxymoron. Distorted but the melodies are crystal clear.

I don’t live, I exist has immense friction but is very musical. There’s dissonance but also harmony and a fierce groove. This is noise rock but danceable. Each instrument sits comfortably next to the other in the mix. Like an old jazz album, the trio play off each other but also riff tightly.

Nicely timed intros build tension before the vocals start. Something not every band can pull off. In addition, the music bounces. Opening track Gallon Drum has a wonderful eight bar intro before entering the song but riff on the song before the vocals start which let us get into the groove. The guitar fill used over the opening is used again as a theme and there is, as in other tracks on this album, a great use of dynamics.

Skivvy opens on the chorus holding you in the song structure. The rhythm section’s sharp hold is the foundation for some elevated guitar work.

Lady Clothes churning melodies drop into a middle break played at half time which showcases the band’s marvellous vocal harmonies, not revealed on the album, before ripping back into the track.

There are tempo shifts, multifaceted drumming, intricate bass lines, and grating and thorny guitar work. The band as a whole lock into each other in the snug way years of playing together can do to a band. This is Wreckage can play anarchic and spare with ease. This album is a masterwork played by knowledgeable and experienced musicians.

The lyrics are macabre serial killer confessions. Not unlike ‘Psycho’ by Leon Payne. Equal parts Ed Gein, Jack the Ripper, and Adelaide’s Snowtown Murders they are not for the fainthearted. They can play on phobia and psychosis.

Already getting press plus here in Australia, and with a long catalogue behind them, we look forward to when Covid foolish ceases and This is Wreckage assaults us with their next release.

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