Just when you thought you would never hear Aussie Pub Rock  ever again, along comes Chickenstones to take you back on a nostalgic Mystery Train trip into the days of rock that once ruled Australia. There is nothing pretentious about Chickenstones’ rock and roll. It is more a case of years of friendship, experience and musicianship which results in them thumping out their original tracks in a style that once shook the nation and has been rolling down Aussie tracks for years. The CD opens up with Acid Rain with the hilarious lyrics “So I called a priest and talked about an exorcism” which is song writing in its purist form of literally “trying to reach her”. This is irresistible “old school” rock taking you back to a time hours, nay DAYS, had us playing a song on repeat if nothing other than to learn the lyrics by heart.

From Gasoline through to  Hooks in Me, the metal wheels keep rolling with harmonica fusion giving this entire album  a feeling of movement.

The clever use of a train whistle intro for Mystery Train would make this album an obvious first choice for a road movie. Ball & Chain, Crawling King Snake, Baby Jane leave no gaps with fuzzed thick pounding rock and roll we all love. Perfect for a road trip taking you back to a time liberty and care free recklessness.

Gone are the days when air-conditioning was supplied by an elbow out an open car window where your girl was adhered hard up against you on the front vinyl bench seat withthe eight track cartridge which being devoured by that slot in the dash-board, speeding along the highway but these old school rockers have you back there in a heartbeat.

Chickenstones Album “Mystery Train” is a trip, and a good one , and they don’t pretend to be anything else.

This latest release is right track: just solid thumping rock & roll, and that’s not a bad thing in a land of politically correct shoe-gazing shit that seems to be du jour.



Available for pre-order here

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