DevilMonkey are synthpunk outfit from Melbourne with an onstage presence that includes faces apparently devoid of anything other than rapidly blinking eyes and white anti-contamination suits. Their pulsating heavy bass lines and throbbing random pops and farts take you back to early days of 75/76, all the while looking like a welcoming party for journalists at the 911 Flight 93 crash site in Pennsylvania, where the green masks suggest they have probably already been infected.

Music that exquisitely meld sounds of old with hypnotic almost trance-like manic rhythm evoking an almost involuntary reaction from elders trying to wrack their brain as familiar riffs dance cleverly amongst the craziness of a style that simply cannot be defined.

Distorted echoing microphone gives ambience to a loud speaker announcement at a nuclear core meltdown as the spooky atmospheric ambience builds of their wall of electricity overload, compounding  and numbing  your senses.

This stuff is great and it’s good to see a band opening up new doors in punk music.

DevilMonkey extend their seductive arms enveloping the audience participation and at times has a tendency to go off louder than a taxi on the Gaza strip.

We know there is a haitus of sorts but honest to god, we need them back if nothing else than to spread their word amongst the good people who really need to get up off their arses and out to support local bands like these precious people!

P:S Warning: Bring your own Geiger Counter.

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