Pink Room are an underground noise/thrash garage punk band from Belgium who since releasing an  EP ‘Relationshit’ in 2018, have played over 80 shows across Belgium and The Netherlands. They have supported Chicago punks “The Sueves” and  the Australian band “Amyl & The Sniffers” on their European Tour.

This, Zum Kotzen is their debut album and an impressive one. A band with a firm handle on composition and diversity without losing their distinguishing and most original sound.

From the opening track Wasted, Bart Cocquyt’s persecuted vocal of oppression “Regrets, regrets, regrets,” grates over a pounding heavy bass riff and fuzzed out chords.

Chinchillay moves up tempo with recognisable thrash punk descending riffs with the excruciating vocal of angst continuing and holding it all together.

Turf War opens with  the most unique sound, like an arcade game with a faulty programme continually throbbing, this really is an interesting album which delves into sound.

This album is unlike anything you have heard but never loses its punk sensibility: “Street” waves right through to the last track “Fafafa” .

Noise punk is a sound that has been slow to make momentum and thankfully Pink Room have moved it forward immersing you in a unique husky sound that delves into madness yet sounds totally structured dare we say accessible, allowing yourself to be lost in the hypnotic trance as all good underground punk should be.

This band would be impressive live with a defining sound that pushes punk into a more innovative genre, highly recommended, buy it and bleed with them. Or why not come down under to Australia and perform for us, we love it guys!

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