Trigger Cut are a German Post Punk Trio that musically move into the high risk uncharted territories of original innovative punk, which can be hit or miss when striving to enter waters unexplored.

Punk Music was always a medium that can be used to express anxiety as is the case with “Buster” where a  high tremble guitar combined with pain drenched spoken word vocal shares pain while simultaneously keeping you on edge of a precipice leading to places unknown.

Hitting unused chords and notes yet with mechanical rhythm, this album it takes you into a dark head mince that needs no video or visual stimulation.

The suffering vocal and eclectic bombardment of noise has something of a truly beautiful adventure within, and its ability to keep the mystery enduring through the album entirety comes from fear in the listener which is genuinely terrifying in its unpredictability .

Avant-garde is always a dangerous game in music. Trigger Cut are could be deemed dangerous yet curiously do not alienate, all the while contrarily absorbing you deeper into their dark view and thus creating a strong bond between band and listener.

This is a master stroke of musical genius and although you will probably break a few teeth and have some mouth bleeding on first taste, stay with it, a new style of punk music is being born.

check out Buster here

With thanks to our reviewer at large, James

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