The 3 guys who smash guitars and drums and belt out blistering noise, fondly known as Australian Kingswood Factory are coming to Sydney for a 3 day fest. Having killed it in their home town of Melbourne, it’s time to inflict some pain on their Sydney followers sharing space with old comrades and new. Crossing elements of old school hardcore fused with country get ready to have your ears bleed.  This promises to be a sweaty, booze fuelled 3 day whirlwind which will leave you gasping for breath wishing to christ they would go, but like a child who can’t quite cut that umbilical cord, you will pine for them like love’s young desire.

AKF have supported punk and rock legends including Richie Ramone, Nekromantix, Guitar Wolf, Supersuckers and Red Fang and now it’s our turn for the rambunctious, truculent trio to play it like it was their first and last performance on this mortal coil.

Each of the Sydney gigs come with their own stellar line up so if you know what’s good for you, you WILL make it to one if not all venues. Gotta keep the music happening and make lives a merry hell for anyone who dares otherwise.

Tour Info

      • 13th September – Captain Cook Hotel (Paddington) At The Mercy, Black Knuckles, Whispering Jackie
      • 14th September – The Townie (Newtown) BUNT, Chickenstones
      • 15th September – Frankie’s Pizza (Sydney) Black Knuckles, Legal Aliens, Trashed Again

(proudly collaborated by Turbo Nun Entertainment Group and Baron von Weasel Music)

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