Short Fuse Volume 1

Is the first in a line of vinyl releases from the Lord of the Gong Wreckless Enterprise.  A proudly all  Aussie Underground Muzak Compilation of twelve angry men and women. This piece of unique vinyl showcases punk taking the format of one minute samplers which contains a subliminal message pushing you to drag your lazy arses off the couch and see some of most original bands doing the live circuit.

Space Boozzies


Rocket Fuel Mix Up

These Central Coaster’s are the first train belting out of the subway with a tasty express intro’  track screaming out of control. Suffice to say it’s a great intro’ track

The Fangin Felines


Something Inside

Four birds (sorry “cats”) from Wollongong on the wire with power running under their feet The clever use of the wahwah pedal & harmonies give a 60’s garage style edge to their sound. These upbeat “Post Punk Party Panthers “ do an infectious Pop, Punk, Rock & Roll…whatever! …let’s bop!



Crime Spree

Rukus have been doing the street punk scene for twenty plus years and they never disappoint,   their relentless wall of Hard Core punk causes  havoc wherever they go. Rukus can cause the earth to open up, feeling it in one minute?….  impossible!

The Not Nots



Post Punk/New Wave style  sound that is outside the square, The Not Nots rumbling rhythms are distinctive & original. Progressive punk in the making. A band to keep an eye on.

Dirty Slutz


Your Girlfriend Eats Shit

Three piece all girl outfit, drums, bass.. no guitar, Which  brings the vocal up front giving it angst & urgency. Adventurous, brave & original. This is where cult classics are born, left of field, top stuff!

The Leftards


Change The Date

A military beat and the protesting voice of punk comes through a distorted microphone sounding like a PA in a prison yard. Art meets Punk! …. tasty!


Crapulous Gee Gaw


Egg and Sperm Race

The hum of sewing machine  skate punk , beautiful, a sound that keeps vinyl rotating in a power blackout. Just enough to whet the appetite, creating hunger for another 59 minutes

The Vee Bees


Half a Root

You’ve got to love them! Half of the one of the simplest pleasures in life, this song is a cracker! However no part of your senses or anatomy are half past six when the VeeBees plug in, they never miss, solid performing power punk band with a continually growing fan base.

Ape Rib


Post Hard War

Impressionistic hard Core, rage with the Ape Rib machine, not against it! Industrial hard core’s  relentless grind keep the well oiled wheel turning. Dark, a pulsating thicker punk that would cause monks to riot.

Minor Surgery



Top notch aggressive  punk played at a frenetic rate with the vocals of birds going berserk! What’s not to like? Another sound where 1 minute just isn’t enough  and inspires the hunt for lengthier listening.

Thee Evil Twin


Motherfuckers All

Fiery (Red haired) tight drummer and bass player..that’s the twin part…and they’re evil. Now add Tabasco from San Francisco and you have  one of the hottest Punk Trio’s twanging & banging around Sydney.


Sad & Slow

Where did this track go???? Fell off the vinyl at the end??? Anticipation aroused by the clearly definable Aussie band title we were a tad disappointed that it potentially hit its mark with the title but kinda fell out of sight and mind


Cheers to our Reviewer at Large James for putting this short, sweet, sampler review of what looks to be the start of a great great creation by Wreckless Enterprise


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