Circus Variety Act, Naughty Boys, Australis Uber Alles, Face Command

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Circus Variety Act

Opens the night of musical diversity unlike anything ever witnessed. Hard punching punk band where the  protesting female vocalist  takes front row.

Once again as radio/commercial music reaches new levels of banality, bands like Circus Variety Act erupt out of the streets to give a flammable level of rock music that negates to “We need change” and returns to rock that is angry, high energy & urgent, and this was just the beginning of the night.

Naughty Boysss

A band not easy to categorise or label with a genre. However, their flamboyant rock was anything but staid.

A physical cabaret of off stage antics from vocalist, Princess Duzza amongst the audience with a hard hitting music that pumped & thumped through the night, The Naughty Boysss paved the way for what was to become a night of originality for all the bands under the light.

Australis Uber Alles

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, AUA are a Dead Kennedys cover band. And they are…….extremely good at it.

A combination of tight ferocious drumming &  accomplished musicians that hold fast to the original chords, the most poignant lyrics of cynicism and political venom , probably ever penned in punk history are performed here with zeal and ferocity.

The vocalist keeps it animated, hurling himself into the moshpit like a rag doll and thrashing around the floor on his back like a Vegan in a butcher’s cold room. AUA take you back to the beginning , when rock, angry protest and theatre fused into one….i:e “Punk”.

Face Command

The wall of unflagging high amp energy  & originality  cut the air with another band that refuses to be paralleled or slotted into “type”.

The eclectic sound of Face Command has to be heard to be believed, yet it is structured & uniform in madness and eccentricity, a total delight to the senses. Tyler (vocalist for those who have yet to experience this band) also continued in a night of physical expression, walking amongst the audience with a full face helmet with a spot light on top and a brass cymbal on a stem, distorted vocal from within the helmet added to the hilarity & insanity..Symbolism..unknown???

There was nothing predictable about Face Command’s performance  or as the Bass player of AUA stated “They really are something special”.


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