“The best live band in the history of Sydney. One of the best live acts you’ll ever see, guaranteed. They make a cluster-heaven of great sound.”  

Cameron Menegoni, 2SER – Band Next Door

“Face Command are a brilliantly chaotic, frenzied experience… They walk the line between the pandemonium and rock-solid song writing.”    

Janie D – Turbo Nun Entertainment Group

“I’m blown away…. The EP exceeded my expectations by light years.”

Andrew Fitzpatrick – WCFA 101.5 FM New Jersey

“Face Command  create music that is almost entirely indefinable and very, very interesting.”

Elfy Scott  – Something You Said

Legendary Sydney band FACE COMMAND has released Golden Fang, the first single from forthcoming EP, Chingadera.

To celebrate its release the band is playing The Hideaway in Newtown on 6th July.

“Lyric-wise, it’s a slideshow of what Lux Interior and Poison Ivy of The Cramps did to unwind after their gig at Napa State Mental Hospital in 1978,” says singer Tyler Broyles. “It’s a three-minute party on the casket of idiotic taboos with vignettes of vice.”

“I stole the name ‘Golden Fang’ from Thomas Pinchon’s book, Inherent Vice. It’s definitely not about the Golden Fang Chinese restaurant next to the Lansdowne Hotel.”

Golden Fang was flash-recorded live and straight to tape in one day by Simon “Berkfinger” Berckelman (Shogun & The Sheets, Nick Littlemore, Body Type) at Golden Retriever Studios (the Sydney studio A$AP Rocky swung by to record in late last year) with backing vocals by Rose Chan (Okin Osan).

Berckelman’s production bottles Face Command’s chaotic swagger and chemistry well. The analogue recording is testament to a song realised at a series of exuberantly perilous and raucous live shows.

Face Command has been leaving venues a mess since 2013 with live sets complete with bar walks, Spanish-spat diatribes, human set lists, milk-crate shoes and a cymbal-slash-motorbike helmet. Face Command claims to be the only band that’s orchestrated a wall of death in a wine bar.

The Chingadera EP is due in October 2019.

This storm-chasing EP brims with diamond-cut lyrics about idiocy, hypocrisy, ineptitude, vice and the dangerously driving deranged demonic dick-heads of Sydney. And friendship.

The band is available for interviews, radio spots, gigs, toothpaste ads, programming slots on RAGE and life advice. Contact


Chingadera Tour Dates

6th July – Hideaway Bar

2nd August – The Loft UTS

12 October – The Townie

For further information please contact Face Command  


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