If you are in to some serious heavy synth punk then Sros Lords are the ones to hear. A bunch of dudes from Detroit who have a style not like many, their primary instruments are drums, guitar, and synthesizer keyboards. Vocals are included in most songs as a form of communication. Their songs are short, sharp and to the point.

Formed in the sludgey foam of 14th Street and Bagley, fed on a diet of green leaves and upholstery nails, the Sros Lords apply non-Pythagoran principles to elementary spaghetti and are honestly a refreshing change in a world which can at times be dominated by over dubbing, extreme mixing where far too easily one tends to miss the entire point of what is being communicated.

Take a moment indulge in their world and you will find yourself going back for seconds, even thirds, such is their dynamic presence.

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