Not since Australian music’s glory days of hard ‘n’ fast, sweaty, beer soaked, full throttle pub rock dynamos has there been a band that can stand up this high and proud against the legacy left by the likes of AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, Cold Chisel and The Angels…. and then make it completely their own.

With their live shows they have quickly become the buzz of Melbourne Town’s rock scene and for damn good reason. Australian Kingswood Factory leave no barroom dry, no punter unmoved and no ear drum intact. Instead of bowing to standards, they’re an act that gets more dirty and explosive with each gig… blowing headliners right outta the water and whipping up good ol’ fashioned fun and frenzy in crowds.

Leaving an unforgettable impression blistered upon stages around Australia week in, week out and having already played support to mighty bands such as The Meteors, Mad Sin, Airbourne, The Angels, Zombie Ghost Train, Hell City Glamours and The Camels, there’s only one place this band’s going…. and it might not be such a long way there.

AKF are touring Sydney in support of Bloodshot and Shakin’, supported by Johnny Devilseed, Medusa’s Wake and The Black Knuckles.

The new AKF album is available now via Bandcamp and at the show!

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